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你好, my name is Houjiang Liu ("Whole ji oy LOU") ~ I am a doctoral student (2021 to present), studying HCI and Human-centered AI at the School of Information, UT Austin. Currently, I am advised by professor Matthew Lease, designing with NLP to combat mis/disinformation. While most of my current research has to do with AI, I prefer seeing myself as a designer, framing AI applications from a humanistic perspective.

Previously, I was a design researcher at the Center for Design at the Northeastern University, working with professor Miso Kim on designing services grounded in autonomy and Paolo Ciuccarelli on visualizing interactive network graphs. I was also a part-time lecturer teaching Interaction Design in CAMD at Northeastern. Before starting my PhD at UT, I was a User Experience Designer, working at (Beijing) and SeetaTech AI (Beijing).

Publications (Google Scholar)

† These authors are equally contributing first authors.


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For years, I have also been assisting my grandpa, a retired professor, in his lifelong work of editing Chinese dictionaries. Among his series of books, I helped co-edit the following work:

  1. 邓治凡 ed. 中华千古名言大辞典. 中国外文局华语教学出版社, 北京 2023. [出版中]

  2. 邓治凡 ed. 中华联语语典. 崇文书局, 武汉 2014.