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Hello! This is Houjiang~ I am an incoming PhD candidate in information studies at UT Austin, researching HCI and Human-centered AI. I was a design researcher at the Center for Design at Northeastern University and also a part-time lecturer in the College of Arts, Media, and Design.

I have graduated with a degree in MFA of Experience Design at Northeastern. Welcome to view and give feedback on my master thesis: Enriching Gifts, Experience Design to Understand Human Relationships

In previous study, I focused research in Public Health and Services specifically for seniors' technology and healthcare services, Human Relationships through Gifts Interventions, and Human Experience in Urban Envrionment. As a researcher, I am good at ethnographic studies, statistical analysis, and design research. As a designer, I am good at UX and UI including work in Deep Learning platforms and Online Ecommerce. Additionally, I worked on data visualization and information design. If you want to have a chat about projects or new opportunities, please feel free to contact me: